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Stripaerobics is the latest thing.  Girls keep healthy by learning to pole dance.  It takes a lot of muscles to spin around those fun little poles in high heels, you know.  So i got a pole installed in my house and watched some videos.  The girls on the aerobics videos don’t really dance very sexy, so I’m going to show you how it’s done.  I put on a sexy little outfit and my favorite heels and went to work.  Watch me bust a move on the pole.  I’m sure your own pole will be hard very soon, especially when you see the rest of these over at Karla Spice.

Strip Show

I was wandering around the other day and heard the best Spanish music.  We had the video camera, and I didn’t think that watching me salsa dancing would be your cup of tea.  The music was too slow anyway, so I thought a nice strip tease too it would be just the ticket.  This video shows me flaunting my sexy body, taking off my little blue halter top ever so slowly, and stripping out of my blue jeans.  Those stairs were so good for showing off my curves, and I didn’t stop at a little strip show.  The whole video is on Karla Spice.

Teasing You

I just love to be a dirty little tease.  I know that you guys love the sweet and innocent look before a girl shows you how naughty she can be, so I decided on this pink bustier and lace panties to tempt you.  Check out these photos and decide which pose you like me in best.  Maybe you want me on my back, or maybe on all fours looking back at you.  I’m sure you can think of some way to take me.  First we’ll have to get off those pesky panties.  Maybe we can take off the top too so you can play with my teeny tiny titties.  My nipples just stand up so straight when I play with them.  If you want to get any naughtier than the lingerie, you’ll have to go over to Karla Spice.

Tropical Karla Spice

I picked out a new silver bikini, and I just love it.  It barely covers anything, but I like the look.  They are great to wear under clothes, and just as easy to take off for some sexy skinny dipping.  Do you think the bottoms look good on me?  Maybe they look better from the back.  I shouldn’t have any problem getting some stares at the pool.  You’re staring at me right now aren’t you?  I got out of the bikini after awhile, and I decided that I’d have a little more fun, but alas those pictures aren’t on my blog.  If you want to see this bikini clad babe get kinky, you’ll have to go over to my website where I put the rest of the set.  See them at Karla Spice.

A perfect bride for a perfect night

I know how to turn a dull wedding ceremony into a great love feast with all the guests turning into sex maniacs. Have a look at my sexy dress which I am planning to wear for my ceremony. Joking, this is something special that I want to share with you. Imagine yourself a lucky male taking me as a love goddess to your chambers where you can smell the scent of y skin and touch every inch of my body with your tongue. This is a lustful paradise for both of us with no intruders to disturb the partying. For more hot atmosphere visit my private website Karla Spice.

Vicious me in a mouthwatering skirt

There is time for fun and there is time for love. I am not a sinful bitch but more of a rotten babe with a gorgeous body that attracts your horny attention and keeps it focused for a long time. Today I want be a good girl in a slutty dress saying “I am not a whore but I can be your wettest dream”. Shapely forms in a devilish short skirt are something that you can’t but want to embrace with all your nature. Don’t be shy now I am here to let your beast go and spend some thrilling time in your company. Also dare to accompany me at Karla Spice – it is all about me there!